Portrait Photography

Vocals are to music what portraits are to art, the humanity. Portraiture is the art of capturing a subject’s best features in the most flattering way possible, and delicately balancing the dance between light and the different shades of black. Good portraits do more than showcase a subject’s most beautiful features; they give you a sense of who they are.

Commercial/Product Photography

This kind of photography is geared towards helping improve your sales, both online and otherwise. Through beautiful product photos, we are able to present your products in the best possible light, while accurately and attractively capturing its most prominent features, and advantages over the competition.

Event Photography

As a company, we understand how important good event photography is to you, and the value it stands to add if done well. As such, we are well experienced in covering a broad range of events, from small intimate gatherings, to large-scale parties and corporate events. For all the events we cover, we strive to not only document your event in style, but also provide you with images that can be used for reportage, marketing and social media.

Urban, Cityscape & Property Photography

Like Desmond Morris adequately put it, a city is not a concrete jungle, but a human zoo. Through our urban photography, we not only tell stories about the bold, concrete, man made structures that stand tall, but the humans who so audaciously put them there.  In so doing, we are able to illustrate that a city is what it is, because its citizens are who they are.  When it comes to real estate for instance, we believe that one good picture is worth more than $ 1, 000 in value. Why? This is because of the “20 seconds for love at first sight” theory, where research has shown that more than 95% of potential buyers viewed the exterior photos of the property they were considering buying/renting for at least 20% before falling in love with it. This therefore illustrates the importance of good real estate photography.

Nature & Wildlife Photography

Nature is impersonal, awe-inspiring, elegant and eternal. It is geometrically perfect, tiny yet gigantic. It is a magical city that is both peaceful and petrifying; tranquil yet terrifying. As such, our photos seek to express these very attributes about it, whether in a simple back yard or vast wilderness.

Model Photography

As a company, we believe that the most beautiful thing a model can wear is confidence.  Through our photography, we encourage our models to hold themselves to a standard of grace as opposed to perfection, and own their individuality. In so doing, we are able to capture beautiful, authentic and cultured images that showcase the model in their element.

Wedding Photography

Weddings are all about moments. As professionals, we endeavor to capture the most meaningful moments during your special day and ensure no moment goes undocumented. Our vast experience in wedding photography allows us to not only capture these moments as they occur naturally, but also create them when and where necessary. This in turn enables us to provide you with high-end studio quality pictures to commemorate your special day. Our wedding packages range from a simple basic package that meets your key basic needs all the way to premium packages that are tailor made to meet the client’s unique needs.