Mobile applications are taking over today’s common tasks that would be performed by humans, from banking, online shopping, social interaction, money transfer e.t.c. Most users would not necessarily know what drives the Apps and the effort that comes with developing these apps. This brings us to a very important area of mobile development.

There are two types of mobile applications; Native and Hybrid mobile Apps.

Native apps are usually developed targeting a particular mobile OS e.g Android or iOS. These apps are advanced and they can easily access mobile hardware functions like camera, GPS for location, microphone e.t.c. These apps are more complicated and expensive to develop and maintain.

Programming knowledge is required to develop these apps, for Android apps, Android platform based on Java is used while in iOS Swift or Objective C is used. These are advanced programming languages and therefore hiring programmers would definitely be expensive.

Hybrid apps on the other hand are mobile applications that use web development technologies, these apps have functionalities like native apps just that they use web programming languages like Javascript, CSS, HTML and PHP/Mysql for backend. These web apps are converted to native-like apps using platforms like Phonegap or Cordova.

Hybrid apps are more affordable to developer but they have some limitations unlike native apps. Hybrid apps may be slower and sometimes not able to access advance mobile phone accessories.

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