Marketing Services

At Grid Branding Solutions, we help you create marketing strategies that will enable you identify your target audience and know their needs. This helps you understand your customers better, provide the product or service they need and eventually maximize on your profits.

The following are some of the marketing solutions we provide:

Experiential Marketing

This is a marketing activity where customers directly interact with your brand, this one-on-one interaction helps you know your customer needs better and provide a product or service that matches their requirements and needs.

Market research, Forecasting, data collection and survey

We also perform market research and gather the right information to help you come up with products and services that solve customer problems. This is usually crucial while launching a new product or a new service in the market.

Market research helps you understand your target audience, their needs and expectations, pricing of your product, promotion methods to be used and distribution channels for the product.

Segmentation, targeting and positioning

We help you identify a specific market segment for your product or service, knowing your target market and their needs will help you direct your efforts towards satisfying their needs and requirements. Positioning your product or service in the right market segment will help you sell more and satisfy your customers better since you already know what they expect.

Sales force management

Once you understand your target market and what the market requires, the next thing is to take your product to the market and start selling. In order to achieve your goals and sell your product, you need to have a strong Salesforce. We help you recruit, select, train and manage a perfect Salesforce that will perform and place your product in customers hands.

Sales promotion

Sales promotion is carried out to attract new customers and maintain existing ones, we focus on major sales promotions methods including advertising, personal selling and direct marketing.

Sales promotion uses both media and non-media marketing communications for a specified duration to increase consumer demand, persuade buyers, stimulate market demand and improve product availability.