ICT Services

We perform scheduled IT maintenance on desktop and laptop computers; maintenance services include:

  • Dust removal
  • Cleaning of Monitor screens
  • Installation of Antivirus Software
  • Scanning and removal of virus and malware
  • Replacement of non-functioning peripherals
  • Installation of non-functioning application software

Installation and configuration of networks for use in offices, both wireless and structured networks. We will advise you on the best networking hardware e.g Routers and Switches.

We also help to maintain your website by making regular files and database backups, bug fixing, updating your content and making sure that your website is secure.

Consult us if your website has been compromised or if you need to implement security measures on your web application. We help you fix any security issues including but not limited to; brute-force attacks, spamming, MySQL injection, XSS e.t.c

Web Development

If you’d like to get a quotation for web development services, please first check our available packages and use the request quote form by clicking on the below button.

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